Eliza Bacot, RN, NP

Eliza always knew in her heart that she would be in the health field. Even as a little girl, she was fascinated with the human body and wanted understanding of how it all worked together, even on a microscopic level. She chose a path in medicine and critical care.

Moving from registered nurse to acute care nurse practitioner and practicing for the last 13 years has opened her eyes to the extreme amount of disease we are suffering from in this country, especially in the South. Eliza’s scientific and medical expertise plus her personal journey (understanding, research, practice and change) has led her to reaching a greater state of wellness…and a mission to help others achieve true wellness.

“My why of helping people hasn’t changed but the mission of focusing on wellness instead of trying to fix sickness certainly has. Thank you for choosing to join me on this journey!” – Eliza Bacot, RN, NP

The Organic South is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging you to feed your body with clean, nutrient dense food, to reduce the chemical load in your life, to educate you on using natural alternatives such as essential oils and to help you do the small things in this life that can have a big impact in being truly well.

Take care of the one and only body you have been given. Live in wellness, free from toxins and feed your body with nutrients to thrive!