Bath Ball Chlorine Filter for Your Bath

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A simple, inexpensive way to remove chlorine from the bath water you bathe in.

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The CuZn Bath Ball Water Filter is for people who want a quick, mess-free way to fill their bathtub with more enjoyable water for bathing & washing purposes. The CuZn Bath Ball's filtration process utilizes KDF-55 Filtration Media Technology (Search "KDF Fluid Treatment" to Learn More) that is designed and produced exclusively for CuZn's Bath Ball Water Filter System. The new KDF-55 Filter Media Disc inside The Bath Ball Water Filter is more efficient than granular filtration media alternatives. Unlike granular media filters that require a disposable plastic cartridge housing, The CuZn Bath Ball Water Filter's KDF-55 Filter Media Disc is an eco-friendly solution that is 100% high-value recyclable material and does not require a disposable plastic housing. The Bath Ball Water Filter is designed to alleviate water quality issues that may contribute to dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair, eye, lung and sinus irritation. Enjoy a more pleasant bathing experience, smoother skin & softer hair with The CuZn Bath Ball Water Filter! Compact filter systems like The Bath Ball Water Filter are NOT SUITABLE for addressing serious water quality issues like High Iron, Extreme Hardness, Rust or Sediment most commonly found in untreated private well water supplies. In order to properly address serious water quality issues, a larger Whole House Water Treatment System is required. If you've got serious water quality issues, contact CuZn's Customer Support Team at 800.345.PURE (7873) for free quote and recommendation for a suitable Whole House Water Treatment today!

  • Helps Alleviate Water Quality Issues that May Contribute to Irritation while Bathing for Up To 12 Months Once Activated
  • Enjoy Conditioned Water for Smoother Skin and Softer Hair. Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Easy to Replace Filter, Improved Strap Design March 2016, New Flow Rate Extender Funnel (To Reduce Overflow) Added 2018. Questions!? Contact CuZn's Customer Support Team @ 800.345.PURE (7873)
  • The Bath Ball's Purification Process, Utilizing KDF-55 Filtration Media (Search "KDF Fluid Treatment" to Learn More) Purifies the Water Without Removing Health Beneficial Hardness Minerals, a TDS or PPM Meter IS NOT an Effective Way of Monitoring this Type of Filtration System