Ellia Home Ceramic Diffuser - Small white

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The Organic South Notes

  • A designer diffuser that runs all day, perfect for larger areas in the home where you want a more sleek design and that you can turn on in the morning and it runs all day!

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  • ULTRASONIC AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER: Ellia Essential Oil Diffusers utilize ultrasonic, high-frequency technology to deliver a fine mist of your favorite aromatherapy scents through a safe, heat-free experience. The soothing humidity helps to alleviate dry air and fresh Ellia scents will enhance your environment. In addition, this diffuser comes with a starter pack of 3 essential oil samples that offer many health benefits. Choose your favorite or get creative and mix them up!
  • SET THE MOOD: The Rise diffuser’s color-changing LED light provides a gentle glow, enhancing the atmosphere and promoting ultimate relaxation. Choose your favorite color or cycle through them all! Designed to be subtle yet soothing, the diffuser works great at night as a humidifying nightlight. This diffuser also includes soothing and uplifting relaxation sounds. The light and sounds are great whether you are working, unwinding, or practicing yoga or meditation
  • GO THE DISTANCE: The Ellia Rise Diffuser has a 150mL reservoir and runs for up to 7 hours continuously, or up to 14 hours intermittently. Moreover, the unit will automatically shut down when the reservoir is empty – so no need to worry about leaving it running! Use the continuous setting for a stronger scent and humidifying effect, and the intermittent setting to gently disperse your favorite scents throughout the day
  • A BEAUTIFUL ADDITION: Consciously crafted from natural materials, the Ellia Rise diffuser is made of white ceramic and wood. This diffuser has a delicate design that will blend with any home décor. Add a touch of sophisticated functionality to your living room, office, or bedroom with this fun, adorable diffuser. You can even use it as a humidifying nightlight in your baby’s nursery! This diffuser is remote controlled so you can change the light, sound, and mist settings from a distance!
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: 1 Ellia Rise Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (white). 1 AC Adapter. 1 Essential Oil Starter Kit with 3 Signature Ellia Scents (2mL each). 1 Remote Control