16 oz clear glass spray bottles (2 pack)

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The Organic South Notes: 

These are my favorite go to glass bottles for mixing the onguard cleaner concentrate with water and also making large volume essential oil linen sprays. If you love the clear look then these are the ones for you!

Vendor Description: 

  • LARGE 16 OUNCE BOTTLE with an easy to pull clear nozzle that can be set to either a fine mist or a strong stream. Includes 2 PHENOLIC CAPS and 4 3"x3" LABELS.
  • REUSEABLE GLASS bottle helps the environment and eliminates the chemical smell plastic bottles can impart to liquids. BPA and LEAD FREE.
  • A CLEAN, MODERN DESIGN that you can leave on the counter in your kitchen or bathroom
  • ALL KINDS OF USES around the home including homemade non-toxic window cleaners, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, pet spray, ironing, linen spray, mixing essential oil recipes, misting window herbs or succulents, diy hair spray, beauty products and many more...
  • ORDER ONE NOW and take a step towards reducing your use of plastic