Karma Organics Natural Nail Polish Remover

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The Organic South Noes: 

A natural, nontoxic way to remove your nail polish without applying or inhaling harsh chemicals. 

Vendor Description: 

  • Lavender natural nail polish remover cleans and removes even the shady and darkest polish from your nails
  • Our lavender nail polish remover is tested to remove nail polish faster and easier
  • Karma organic lavender nail polish remover is free from toxic, acetone and alcohol, things which dries out your skin and damages the nails
  • After the nail polish is removed your nails will remain moisturized which helps them to return in their natural and beautiful state also applied on artificial nails
  • Karma Organic offer the money back on Nail Art products that make it a great birthday present, Christmas gift, or anniversary gift. HURRY UP AND BUY our best quality products before going out of stock.