Himalayan Massage Salt Lamp

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The Organic South Notes: 

I love these! Turn on the salt lamp to promote positive feelings and it heats up these salt massage balls to help with easing tension and pain. Make sure to apply your favorite doTERRA essential oils like deep blue and copaiba to help augment pain support. 

Vendor Description: 

  • Salt Gems Massage Salt Lamp comes with 5 Salt Round Massage Balls, they are great for using as a massage tool for the back, legs, neck, feet or as stress balls. This lamp is packed in a simple and white color box
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Bowl contains the pure and organic Himalayan Salt Stones that are hand-carved and round in their shapes Warm them up or put them in the freezer, either way
  • The Salt Gems Himalayan Salt Massage Bowl is available in natural shades of orange, pink and red. These pieces are quite durable and if kept out of wet places can last a lifetime
  • Salt Gems Crystal Salt Massage Bowl Lamp is perfect for Home and Office decor in the day and even better at the night when its gentle glow envelops surrounding with its amber. When it is lit at night, it does create a sense of comfort and relief from fatigue and stress
  • Salt Gems Massage Lamp is a thing of beauty. The adorable hand-carved bowl is ideal to be displayed in beauty spas, salons, restaurants, living rooms, and bedrooms. The soothing effect of this illuminating piece adds serenity to any place.